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Eye Patches and Their Benefits

There are many products like eye creams and serums in the market that can help you with hydrating and caring for skin under your eyes; however, they are not a quick solution. This article will walk you through the world of eye patches and why they can be worth purchasing.

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Eye Patches and Their Benefits

Many believe that late-night working, binge-watching favorite shows, excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of sleep can leave its trace under one's eyes. However, other reasons can also contribute, such as genetics and external stressor.

Aging is also among the leading causes of dark circles. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the tissues around the eyes weaken with age.

This breakdown of collagen can transfer fat to the lower eyelids, causing dark circles and puffiness. Board-certified dermatologists say that the most common cause of dark circles under the eyes is the loss of subcutaneous fat. That's why patients often complain that they've tried every cream to no advantage.

Another lesser-known cause of dark circles is excessive rubbing of eyes. Allergies tend to increase redness, and because an increased amount of pigment is released due to irritation, rubbing the eyes can cause darkening. Therefore, it is recommended not to touch the sensitive area when your eyes feel irritated but instead to treat it well.

As the area around the eye is the thinnest and most sensitive part of the skin, this part of your face can make or break your look with bluish-bags can make you appear dull and pale. No wonder why concealers nowadays are so expensive!

Therefore, many skincare enthusiasts suggest care routines such as the use of creams, moisturizers, and masks to get rid of aging signs and dark spots under the eye.

Nowadays, with skincare products' popularity is growing rapidly, there are new and innovative techniques that can help hide and even heal damage to sensitive eye areas. As they say, "eyes are the doors to the soul"; hence, one of the most in-demand among skincare products are eye masks and patches with ingredients that meet all immediate needs.

All one has to do is apply under the eye to see its magic in just a few minutes. If you haven't tried it yet, you should try at least once to get bright, firm, and hydrated skin.

Now there are many products like eye creams and serums in the market that can help you with hydrating; however, they are not a quick solution. This article will walk you through the world of eye patches and how they can be worth purchasing.

A Brief History

Eye patches were first developed in South Korea. Initially, a cloth dipped into serum was an eye patch. It then developed into something more of a band-aid that had serum infused in it. Since it was a one-of-kind thing, they were priced very high and were not affordable for a typical person. It was until very much later that they were produced commercially and made accessible to the average households.

Benefits of Using Eye Patches

While one may still find using cucumber refreshing, we know that we can reap more significant benefits from today's products. Eye patches provide a quick boost with regular use to help:

  • Eliminate puffiness
  • Tighten the skin
  • Reduce the signs of fatigue
  • Reduce dark circles
  • Minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Make eyes look brighter and energetic

Eye patches are enriched with potent ingredients like vitamins and serums that provide targeted treatment to the area under the eye. The patch locks all elements in place so the skin can drink it up without letting it escape. Moreover, it gives your eyes a little relaxation time to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, giving you more confidence!

How do eye patches work?

It is interesting to know that our under-eye area's skin does not have an abundance of sebaceous glands like other parts of our skin, which produce sebum (natural oil) in our skin to maintain its moisture level.

Since these glands are in a lesser amount under our eyes, this area needs exceptional help; thus, eye patches.

Consider it as a cloth that is dipped into a serum until it is completely absorbed. That cloth is then cut into a shape that fits the under-eye area best.

The primary purpose of eye patches is to provide your under-eye area with moisturization and hydration.

Snailbloom's Firming Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patches eye patches are designed to sink deep into your pores, providing deep moisture to the under-eye area. They aim to deeply hydrate the area under your eyes to look much more refreshed. Refreshed skin means lesser puffiness and more brightness. The cooling texture and potent serum make sure that you are left with only smooth and beautiful skin.

How to choose eye patch that favors your skin?

As we mentioned, the under-eye area is the most delicate area of your face. Be it harsh removal of eye makeup or lack of sleep; this area makes sure to yell out its concern. And while the moisturizing face is commonly discussed, no one presses any importance on hydrating the under-eye area.

How to use eye patches?

Using an eye patch is relatively simple. Our eye patches are guaranteed to provide your sensitive under-eye area with a royal treatment:

  • Remove any makeup that you have on
  • Thoroughly dry your skin
  • Take one eye patch from the pack (Use a spatula to remove a single patch from the container carefully)
  • Apply onto the under-eye area
  • Let it do its magic for 10-15 minutes
  • Remove and discard used patches
  • Pat dry the area to get the remaining serum into your skin

Say goodbye to your dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles

Some useful tips

First things first, there is no limit to how many times a week you want to use an eye patch. You can choose that based on your level of dryness. There is also no fixed time of the day when you can use these patches.

Apply it before if you are planning on attending a party in the evening. It would be best to use the eye patch whenever you need to strengthen the skin around your eyes.

Stayed up the night working for a presentation but scared to have dark circles or puffiness in the morning? Well, guess what, your average serum and a dab of concealer won't do the trick. What you need is an eye patch for instant hydration.

Another important tip is to make sure your skin is entirely bare when applying a patch. Do not use any form of serum or cream before eye patches, which will make the eye patch ineffective.

It is also imperative to note that these eye patches are for one-time use only. While you may find some quick-witted trick on reusing the eye patch, please refrain from doing so. This would only damage your skin.

Always follow the recommended time of 10-15 minutes. Keeping the eye patches for a longer interval will do the opposite of hydration. It will dehydrate your skin, making it more wrinkled and dull instead of brightening it.

Are you wondering about leaving the patch overnight? Leaving a patch depends upon the product ingredients; some eye patches can be worn for 10-20 minutes only, while others can be left overnight. Since the area under the eyes is susceptible, it is recommended to always read the instructions for a specific undereye patch and not place it for longer than recommended.

Now for the temperature, while it is recommended to put your eye patches in the fridge a little before use, it is not compulsory. The eye patches already have a cooling effect to help drain the fluid and de-puff the area. Refrigeration overnight before applying can enhance this effect slightly.

Also, looking at the technical aspect, be it icing or a cool pack, both help reduce puffiness. Thus, a cooler eye patch will increase in functionality.

However, avoid storing your pack of eye patches in the fridge for a long time. The serum or the essence of the eye patches are designed to work best at room temperature. Keeping them in the refrigerator would drop the temperature, making the process of serum absorption slower, thus, less effective.

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